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SYNC Sound and image conference: Beta

Have you heard about SYNC Sound and image conference: Beta yet? (Kudos to Kiamythos Films for doing a great job of promoting the event so far!) It’s a one-day conference (a workshop afternoon and performance night) coming up Feb 24. (Read to the end for the discount code!)

We’re marketing it as SYNC: Beta because this is actually the start of something awesome. When the Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON). Ended in 2019, it left a hole in the electronic music community in Calgary, and all of western Canada. This

year, Oscill8 received a grant from CADA to create a conference inspired by AEMCON.

In November, Oscill8 will bring Calgary a 2 day, 3 night conference for electronic sound and visual artists. This event in February will be a mini version of the November conference. We’re doing this as a tester to see if our community is interested in something like this, and to see what we can learn about putting on a conference. We’re beta testing this conference!

Let me tell you more! On Feb 24, we bring you the SYNC Sound and Image Conference: Beta at the Freemason’s Hall. One ticket gets access to the Workshop and the Performance! It will feature workshops for sound and visual artists in the afternoon. The evening event, Sonus Arcanum, includes 5 of Calgary’s finest live electronic music producers featuring Richard Devine (Schematic Records, Warp Records, Sublight).

The workshop runs 3:00 to 7:00. Topics will be related to sound as well as visual production. Topics will include Acoustic Modelling, Modular Synthesis, Lo-fi visuals, and a special session by Richard Devine! Rumour is we’ll also get a demo of BASTL electronic instruments. (Keep checking our event page for more details as they are made available)

The evening performance is called Sonus Arkanum, and it promises to be a night of sound and mystery. We wanted to tap into the mysterious nature of the venue, the Freemason’s Hall (330-12 Ave SW). The featured visiting artist is Atlanta's own Richard Devine (Schematic Records, Warp Records, Sublight). Other featured artists are: Jay Michael, Lokey, Soulier, Jonathon Crane, with Jack Ryan ending the night with a dancy DJ set.

Tickets include access to the workshops as well as the performances. We’ve already sold out of the tier 1 tickets, so get your tickets while you can. Use the code “OSCILL8:INSIDER” for $25 tickets!

Want to learn more? Here's a recent sample of Richard's music. Find out about Jack Ryan here. Learn about Soulier here. Learn about Lokey here. Find out about Johnathan Crane here. Find out about Jay Michael here.

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