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Artist and Demo Submissions

Interested in joining our roster, jumping on one of our livestreams or releasing on our label?  You can now submit music, videos, and EPK's etc for consideration here.

We listen to everything you send us but please understand that depending on the volume of submissions it can take us some time to get to yours.

We accept submissions from anywhere in the world  and a multitude of electronic genres. however we deal primarily with Electronic Artists who perform and compose using hardware.


  • 3-10 min 320k mp3 files please ensure id3 information is filled out correctly and file is labeled according to the following format.     Artist Name - Track Name

  • Good Audio Quality (not recorded with external mic, or on your phone)

  • Videos should be encoded via h.264

  • Real Name

  • Artist Name

  • Email

  • Description of your style

  • List of equipment used

  • Though not required a short bio and any press materials, artist photographs etc are also appreciated.  You may bundle everything into a *.zip or *.rar file to submit to us.




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