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Join us for Oscill8's Techno Showcase featuring live hardware performers from across Canada!

Join us for an evening of some of the best Canadian Techno live acts! Featuring Artists from all across Canada! 1$ from each ticket sold will go towards CJSW Funding Drive

Line-Up Justin James (Windsor, ON)(M-nus, Dubfire, Refused) Robert Alexander (Winnipeg, MB)(Melatonin Records) KillMiDi (Lethbridge, AB)(Oscill8) Dark Arps (Vancouver, BC)([metadata_records]) Silverfish (Calgary, AB)(Oscill8)

Oscill8 collective | techno showcase @Dickens Pub 1000 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2Y6 8pm - 2pm

Early Bird Tickets $15 Available until October 14th General Admission $25 Available until 8pm October 22nd Door $30

About the Artists

Justin James

Justin hails from Windsor, Ontario the same city as his label boss and techno icon Richie Hawtin. With Richie, Dubfire and many others as close, guiding influences, James has used this ammunition to fire his way to international recognition. Justin James is all about his deep love of the diverse elements of techno. His juxtaposition of raw techno with more organic elements, gives him boundless energy in the studio and behind the decks, which keeps the dance-floor militia on their toes.

Robert Alexander

Deep, gritty, textural and hypnotic are just a few words to describe Robert Alexander's sonic palate. His grooves filled with polyrhythms and a sense of minimalism is the core of his performances. Utilizing a Eurorack modular synthesizer he dives into careful beat manipulation while allowing a certain amount of chaos to develop. This allows him to improvise many aspects and connect with the machines and the dance floor on a different level, feeling out the direction of his live sets and developing them into a unique sonic experience.


KillMiDi is obsessed with physicality, using hardware synthesizers, effect pedals, and drum machines to explore and design new textures and sounds. Relegating the computer merely as a capture and arrangement device; chords, beats, and melodies are played, sequenced and evolved. This forges an intimacy with the music based in the direct connection between the emergent perception of music within consciousness and the artists own biorhythms.

Dark Arps

Hey synth nerds! I’ll be working out an improvised set using a Soma Labs Pulsar-23 (drum machine) and Intellijel Palette (62hp Eurorack skiff), housing a Morphagene (granular sampler) and Mimeophon (delay). Pulsar’s unique ability to generate impossible rhythms by way of a modulatable clock opens up vast and surprising possibilities for pattern generation. A raw, industrial, and often unpredictable rhythm section is juxtaposed by melodic tones and textures, and when other sound generators and modulators are sync’d to the wobbly clock, exciting and unexpected moments emerge through careful (or reckless!) explorations of the patch. Critical to the playability of this setup are custom cables of my own design which minimize the panel real estate used up by patching on the Pulsar, leaving most controls more easily accessible for live manipulation than is typically possible using alligator clips. Nothing during the set has been played before, and could never be played the exact same way again... and trust me, it gets weird. Come with?


Silverfish is artist Tyler Brown. For over 15 years, he has been tirelessly collecting and studying house music artifacts and techno relics, seeking the perfect sounds. With these tools, he crafts a blend of dub and acid influenced house and techno that is dark, moody, and atmospheric. As a live artist, his original music brings together a raw, all-hardware experience that emphasizes mid tempo grooves, acid melodies, techno rhythms, and dubbed-out delays. As a DJ, Silverfish seeks out a sound that has an emotional resonance, drifting in the space between the dance floor and your headphones. Silverfish has released remixes for artists Sandau, Digital Futures, and Method 706 on Eyethought Records, and for Soulier and One Less of Them on Soulier Music. He has performed live on CJSW’s Radio Interference and Modulations radio shows.

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