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Weep, O’ Mine Eyes  Formed in 1984, by Michael Weicker, Weep, O' Mine Eyes has been an evolutionary journey to present day. 


Weep, O' Mine Eyes is inspired by the German Expressionist Movement of the early 20th Century, by such artists as Oscar Kokoschka and by early Industrial musicians such as Throbbing Gristle, Chris and Cosey, Kraftwerk, Thomas Leer and Robert Rental...


Weep, O' Mine Eye's early musical experiments utilized analog synthesizers, drum machines, eastern hand drums, and found objects such as metal canisters and power tools.


In recent years, digital and analog modelling synthesizers as well as an Eigenharp have been added to the Weep, O' Mine Eyes studio. This augmentation, coupled with digital sequencing and mixing equipment has allowed for an elaborate mix of past and present electronic music technology.


The music of Weep, O’ Mine Eyes is eclectic ranging from ambient to IDM to industrial. Every album and live performance is approached as a new sound canvas.

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