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Robert Alexander is out of Winnipeg, Canada. Getting a taste for Music Technology at the age of 13 with no musical background he started experimenting with audio production. However it wasn't until 1998, listening to Plastikman's album Consumed, that he truly discovered his love for electronic music. Robert found something mesmerizing about Hawtin's piecemeal arrangements. Working on his craft silently for years he landed a release on label La Papillon in 2014. Soon after releases followed on Weird Sounds Productions, and ADRO Music, where he hit number 2 on the labels top releases with his song “Liquesce”. He also is on Purespace Recordings with local residents Joe Silva and Ali Khan. Recently Robert has released his EP Mantra on Calgary’s Vidid North. Robert performs Deep Melodic Techno live using only hardware synths and effects to sculpt his sound, and create something unique and never the same. Feeding off the crowd his performance aims for the overall mood and groove of his set rather than creating Big moments that however, can be good, can easily pull you away from the purpose of the music which is ultimately to dance to and get lost in. Robert has been playing many events around Winnipeg including, Ghost in the Machine, MEMEfest 2016, Urbntek and with the Underground Revival . He also became a part of the Mi Casa Live Stream group Headed by DJ Qube after their most successful stream to date performing for them.

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