Oscill8 AGM Kicks-Off at Electric Cafe Event!

It's official, the Oscill8 crew have held their first annual general meeting with an evening of live electronic performances from Soulier, Silverfish, Byron Fredrick, and visuals from Snailpainter. At the AGM, Matt Carter was elected President, and Walter Kwiatek Vice-president. An energetic and enthusiastic Board of volunteers were also signed-up to broaden and expand Calgary's diverse and growing live electronic music scene!

Oscill8 Board:

Matt Carter, President

Walter Kwiatek, Vice-President

Ryan Hall

Leif Olson

Tyler Brown

Enoque Carrancho

Byron Mueller

Michael Weicker

Kyle Hinton

Jeff Goddard


Website Updates

A new Artist Directory has been created on the Osill8 website. Nine artists profiles are currently posted, with more coming. Check it out at https://www.oscill8.ca/artists-directory and submit your information to be included in this growing list of awesome western canadian artists.


New Videos

Thanks to Evangelos for submitting a new video of his live performance, now featured in our playlist on the website via YouTube. Great vibes with some familiar faces.

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